Valuation & Advisory

—Utilizing a comprehensive valuation and conclusive commercial valuation, appraisal and advisory services. In addition to the services listed below, our valuation disciple ties in all facets of the commercial asset, allowing us to provide price and financing guidance for buyers and evaluation for vested owners.

• Commercial Land and Asset Appraisal

• Pro Forma & Growth Projections

• Breakeven NOI Estimation

• Income & Expense Structure Analysis

• Risk Management Analysis

• Operational Benchmarking

• Brand/Franchise Value Attribution

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

With affiliations to commercial real estate ownership and management, we can offer a hands-on approach to investment optimization and portfolio management. By implementing our proven systems and procedures, we can assist ownership teams to increase their ROI and reach their financial goals.

• Rate Fluctuation Analysis

• Rate Obscuring Techniques

• Booking Pattern Analysis

• Customer Rate Resistance

• Exit Price Wars

• Establish Rate Integrity

• Portfolio Management & Advisory

• Property Acquisition

Feasability & Market Analysis

—Using essential data, information, statistics and a credible framework for investigation, we provide objective reporting and honest reporting to determine the practicality of an investment and its likelihood of success.For owners; we assist in uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of existing businesses or potential ventures. Through a better analysis and understanding of markets, we help optimize businesses to take advantage of shifts in their respective markets.

—• Feasibility Studies

Occupancy, Average Daily Rate, and RevPar Analysis

Demand Segmentation

Identification of new Market Segments and Distribution Channels


Project Development

— From ground up construction to reconception or renovation, we offer a thorough blend of development services that can be catered to enhance the value of your development project.

• Project Management

• Turn-key Hotel Development

• Construction and Development Estimations

• Design Management

• Ordering and/or Negotiating Furniture, Fixtures Equipment (FF&E)

• Coordination of Licenses, Permits, and Code Compliance

• Hotel Construction Services

• Hotel Conversion/Renovation


Testimonial & Ligation Support

—With an experienced team of commercial real estate and consulting professionals, we can stand to provide independent consultation and support for arbitration and litigation matters. With a proven success record in various facets of the hospitality industry, we are able to identify the issues of your case, define a scope of work, and source legal counsel.

• Bankruptcy

• Partnership Disputes

• Lender/Owner Disputes

• Quantification of displaced revenues and due to:

  • Construction defects
  • Disruption of operations
  • Natural and man-made disasters
  • Partial takings


Managment Consulting

Firms that effectively understand, and implement change in their business strategies give themselves a competitive edge within their respective environments. The goal of a business is to maximize share holder value, our experience and proven frame work can assist with the crucial decision making that enables owners, developers, and investors to do this.

• Determine and examine key elements of your business

• Define expectations and goals to execute on strategy

• Develop practical solutions and implementation processes

• Implement changes in process and systems

• Monitor efficiency and ongoing operations



IT Consulting

In an ever-changing business environment, IT utilization has proven itself to be a critical and most often underutilized component of today’s business operations. The training, implication, and adaptive use of new technology is critical in maintaining a competitive business advantage. We provide a depth analysis of infrastructure and outline areas of strength and weakness for your firm’s IT operating system and security systems.

IT Strategic Planning

• Analyze technology concerns and issues to provide viable solutions

• Work with your management team to achieve corporate objectives and execute strategy

Work Flow Analysis

• Review operational procedures, staffing, training, etc. and recommend improvements

• Evaluate company systems; assist in RFP process and in vendor selection

Technology Management

• Assess existing system and review effectiveness

• Identify functional gaps and bottlenecks

• Develop or modify processes, procedures or systems where applicable


Additional Services

—Our multidisciplinary team of experienced professional are able to cater our work to fit your needs. In addition to our listed services, we can also assist with:

• Capital Raise

• Corporate Restructuring

• Debt Financing

• Residential Real Estate

—  Design Management