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Feasibility and market study

NHCG professionals provide analysis for current and projected business conditions. We work with you to help you understand investment and development objectives using our expert insight, strategic support, and professional financial modeling; we help identify your most critical risks and opportunities.

Our reporting provides support to owner and developer objectives, our project positioning and branding to maximize market potential, and our professionals to help decision making based on informed and astute evidence.

Lenders, owners, investors, franchises, and developers trust NHCG’s reporting.

Operation and profitability forecasting

Forecasting operations and profits, particularly on a short term basis, is essential for business perpetration and success. These forecasts can be used by a management team as a benchmark for performance or a tool for future financing. NHCG employs the use of pertinent company data, industry wide statistics and economic factors when forecasting future earning potential.

Capital structuring and planning

NHCG provides guidance on structuring equity and debt financing with consideration for your unique situation, circumstance, loan, and short-term goals. We help coordinate the dynamics of sourcing and working with the appropriate owner, developer, executives with brand companies, and with third-party operators.

NHCG professionals also offer guidance in budgeting, developing project timelines, determining highest yield investments, assisting in assembling project teams, and even recommending contingency plans to achieve successful execution. NHCG’s consultants are detail-oriented experts who leverage experience and relationships to offer broad-based direction to ensure viability of a project.

Executive project management

NHCG will help you manage short and long-term projects. We oversee the project timeline from start to finish, we can develop and follow through on strategic programs, project goals, monitor your program, and project performance.

Site selection, land use & planning

NHCG consultants work within an interdisciplinary development team or as third-party independent advisors. Whether urban or large land development, our professionals can assist with site selection issues such as site conditions, density and entitlement, infrastructure and contract disputes, and assessment of potential risks.

Brand selection

With profitability in mind, our consultants guide owners and operators in achieving the highest quality guest experience, brand requirements, and investor returns. Using our experience, relationships, and the latest research in hotel branding services we help clients manage brand relationships and find the right brand for increased customer satisfaction, market advantage, and profitability.

Business, asset, & land valuation

Through analysis of market conditions and review of development and business goals, our consultants offer objective evaluation and opinions. Through technical expertise, we help to clarify a narrow concern or bring independent, reliable and defensible services to large scale projects. NHCG Hospitality Consultants bring a wealth of experience developing accurate, reliable evaluations for a range of property types.