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Owner Advisory and support

We offer pragmatic advice to hotel owners utilizing 3rd party management and oversight. Our process includes the implementation of financial and operational performance evaluation on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. We challenge and oversee the management company‘s annual budgeting process to ensure that the interests of the owner and shareholders are protected. Periodic monitoring through our proven system, will increase the guest experience, profitability, and asset value.

Bankruptcy litigation support

NHCG provides a full range of bankruptcy support services including: business valuation, liquidation analysis, cash flow and capital structure assessments, preference litigation, and fraudulent conveyance analysis. We are not legal professionals, but we can provide the tools needed to support a legal claim.

General counsel strategy

NHCG provides the financial analysis necessary to enable corporate counsel to develop a litigation strategy that assesses risk exposure, reduces costs, and better informs settlement discussions.

General litigation support

NHCG professionals have the financial, accounting, and legal expertise and experience to thoroughly prepare our clients in every phase of the litigation process, from case assessment to discovery to trial. We are not legal professionals, we guide our clients through the process and help source appropriate legal guidance.

Franchise & management selection, negotiation, and evaluation

NHCG’s experienced consultants can handle the myriad of work involved in selecting a new franchise, relieving ownership of most of the work involved in these transactions. We meet with the client to understand and clarify the end goal, including long-term plans for the asset, then lay out the critical path that will govern the process. We review existing agreements and coordinate with the brand to meet their requirements. We walk both the client and the respondents through the selection process, evaluating the presentations, and assisting in making a final decision. We work with client’s counsel to draft a management agreement and see the process through to the subsequent negotiations.

Franchise and management assessment

Our consultants quickly and comprehensively perform hotel management assessments, evaluate management teams, the culture of an organization, policies and procedures that impede productivity and quality of service, and facilities. Also bringing actionable solutions to owners and operators. We can quantify the value given by the selection of your branded franchise.
We find results-driven solutions to elevate levels of service, support cultural change, create positive work environments, establish plans, deliver training professional development, and assist ownership and management through reorganization or rebranding transitions. NHCG’s consultants understand the complexities of managing a diverse workforce and provide prudent and comprehensive solutions to their assignments.

Corporate business planning organizational creation and restructuring

NHCG can take the guess work out of structuring your partnership, operating agreements, and master business plan. We understand the nuances through our experiences, we ensure fair and seamless agreements for ownership and investment groups. We work with your legal counsel to review the agreements and ensure proper coordination and drafting solutions so that you can focus on your goals.

Contract negotiation

Hospitality Consultants have first-hand experience from their own roles as owners and operators and understand the language of representations and warranties, indemnification, break-up and breach of contract clauses, litigation clauses and the many other provisions that are important to ensure a strategic, fair, and seamless process. Clients include lending institutions, developers, and investors in areas of real estate acquisition and development, financing, and sale or lease transactions. While not a law firm, our consulting members can source appropriate legal counsel who are accustomed to dealing with the widest range of contractual issues.

Expert testimony

NHCG offers years of experience as hospitality expert witnesses and legal counsel in a wide variety of cases, and can source legal counsel to help you with your disputes including:

Ownership/management disputes

Franchisor/franchisee disputes

Brand defense disputes

Disputes involving market feasibility studies

Economic impact analyses



Security issues resulting in theft

Personal injury and/or wrongful death

Contract interpretation and negotiation disputes

Eminent domain takings,

Bankruptcy and/or Foreclosure issues

Real estate tax appeals

Zoning issues

Insurance dispute resolution and mediation

Natural disaster

Employee injury

Property damage

Lost revenue

NHCG Hospitality Consultant’s professional hospitality dispute resolution experts bring the parties together for purposeful dialogue, in a confidential setting, and calm environment with the assistance of a trusted expert; the parties can craft a resolution themselves. Using our relevant experience, we can guide for optimal resolutions. We bring first hand understanding of the unique issues and disputant positions in hospitality industry related controversy.