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Pre-Acquisition Due diligence and support

NHCG offers independent investment analysis, research, and due diligence. Having acquired and sold numerous hotel investment properties throughout their respective careers. Potential investors are encouraged to involve our experts at the commencement of any due diligence process for assistance in the areas of:

Purchase and sale agreement negotiation

Operator selection and management contract negotiation

Franchise selection and agreement negotiation

Investment underwriting

Due diligence planning

Asset positioning/repositioning recommendations

Professional consultant retention (engineering, environmental, market, legal)

Capital programming

Executive committee member selection

Development of a master plan

Business plan evaluation

Preparation of financing memorandums

Accounting and financial system review

Preparation of closing statements

Pre-sale asset preparation

Through a comprehensive review, we help owners improve their hotel’s value before the exit from their property. We guide you through the process by developing a plan that shows where you can make key investments, disinvestments, and changes in order to increase the asset’s value and potential sale value. We help owners looking to sell their properties by finding interested parties and sourcing the financing needed for those looking to acquire their asset.

Our process includes

Assessment of initial value.

Opinion of appraisal and strategic approach.

Identification of value drivers.

Identification of value detractors and elements of price concession.

Identification of assets unrelated to the value of the main asset.

Individual analysis both of each value driver and of each component.

An actionable calendar with estimated costs to improve the value.

Evaluation of pre-sale improvements.

Analysis and initial list of possible interested parties.

Communications strategy.

Acquisition identification and development

We help those looking to exit as well as those looking to acquire properties. Through our extensive research, network, and experience in the industry we are in a position to advise on exit strategies for hotel owners and developers. We can provide information regarding current listings and often have knowledge of ownership opportunities before they are listed on the open market.

Acquisition and financing solutions

NHCG can guide you through the process of your hotel acquisition & financing project. Whether your goal is revitalization, redevelopment, new construction, evaluating land use issues, financial viability, contracts and agreements, or determining whether an investment can meet the goals of the investor, NHCG consultants will add sound insight in managing the complexities of the hospitality investment.